What is Atiera?

Atiera is a micronation based in Canada, with roots of establishment as the Empire of Atiera on 30 May 2020, later transitioning to the Kingdom of Atiera and ultimately dissolving on 25 August 2021. Atiera exists today in it's current form as the Provisional Consulate of Atiera with the end goal of re-imperialization.

Wait... what's a micronation?

Simply put, a micronation is a nation that is unrecognized by the wider international community. The concept was popularized by micronations such as the Principality of Sealand or the Republic of Molossia. We derive our authority from the Montevideo Convention, which defines a state as any entity that:

a. has a permanent population;

b. has a defined territory;

c. has a government;

d. has the ability to enter into relations with other states.

As a nation, we strive consistently to fulfill these requirements and gain autonomy over our claimed territories.

So, can I move to Atiera?

No. While you are welcome to apply for citizenship, our land claims are simply not yet open for residency. Many of our claims are the private property of our Emperor, other government leaders, or simply undeveloped land. We cannot yet allow members of the public to establish residency within our borders. We are not there yet. Maybe someday!

All of this sounds like it's for me. Where do I sign?

Awesome! We'd love to have you on board. Although citizen applications are currently closed, keep an eye out so you apply later* and become an official supporter of our movement.

*Citizenship does not grant you the right to move to Atiera. It simply allows you to support our nation.