Apvienotās Karalistes parlamenta Pārstāvju palātas priekšsēdētāja oficiālā vizīte Latvijā (25394338617) (cropped).jpg
John Bercow, former speaker of the UK House of Commons (2009-2019)

On 16 January 2022, former speaker of the UK House of Commons, John Bercow, delivered a message to the micronational community, telling them “Do not chew gum”.

The video was funded by Alexander I and cost him nearly $170 CAD in personal expenses, however, he says to the Atieran Advance “It was well worth it,”. The message delivered by Bercow was later defined as an order to all micronationalists. Bercow had this to say in the 1:10 clip:

Order, order. Liam, Liam Alexander, it’s John Bercow, former speaker of the UK house of commons. Order, order! Do not chew gum. This is from your boys at Cupertino. Join the Alliance today. I trust that the position is clear and the order brooks of no contradiction and allows for no misunderstanding or amendment. Your response to the order must entail no back-chat, no ranting, no baraking, no heckling, no chuntering from a sedimentary position, and no use of the unparliamentary language of a kind that would be deprecating in and subject to condign punishment by the house. Your response to the order must entail simple, faithful, absolute, immediate, and unquestioning compliance under the terms of the order. Onwards and upwards! Order. Order.

John Bercow, former speasker of the House of Commons
John Bercow’s message

The message was later shared to both discord servers of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance. Many members, including Tyler Mullins, Chair of the Cupertino Alliance mentioned that the video was “amusing”. From the GUM, many members were not amused, including its very own Chairman, Emperor Adam I of Adammia. Adam I stated that “We don’t go to your lobby and tell people to join the GUM, cheeky so-and-sos”.

When Emperor Alexander was asked about the Chairman’s statement he simply told the Advance “I do not care what those GUM chewers think about such humorous video.”

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