Carson Snyder, Chair-elect and Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance

At 1:30 PM EST on 25 January 2022, the January 2022 election came to a close, with the purpose to determine the next Chairperson of the Cupertino Alliance.

Official results released at 2:50 PM EST from the Superior Court show that Carson Snyder, Sovereign of Northwood Oregon, and James Murray, President of Avalonia, have won the election and are set to assume office on incumbent acting chairman Tyler Mullins’ last day in office, 31 January 2022. The duo won the election with 73.1% of the vote, defeating the Valentinus-Neal campaign who had only gotten 26.9% of the vote.

The Snyder-Murray campaign, who had only released their manifesto 3 days ahead of the election, were set to be the clear victors in this election, as a poll done by statistical company Statistic-Dime shows nearly identical results, with 70% for Snyder and 30% for Valentinus.

Incumbent Chair of the Board, Tyler Mullins privately made a statement to IABC about his thought’s on the Snyder-Murray win.

I’d like to express my sincere congratulations to Carson Snyder and James Murray for their recent election as 6th Chair and 7th Lieutenant Chair of the Cupertino Alliance. Both have shown their competence and exceptional dedication to the Cupertino Alliance, and I have faith that they will be able to keep up the momentum. I plan to work closely with them both during my final week in office so that we can ensure a smooth transition on January 31st, and I look forward to the next era of prosperity for the Alliance and its members.

Tyler Mullins, Acting Chair of the Board

The election of the two has been met with no public critisism as of yet.

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